1520 Events

What we do

We plan events for individuals, private and public organisations, and even municipalities. As consultants and coordinators, we help you to put together great events that are worth repeating.

Whether you are planning a staff party, a summer festival, a birthday or christmas party, and whether it is a big or very small event, we assist you with finding a style, selecting suppliers and entertainment, and putting together the marketing.

We work independently or together with your existing event committee or department.

Our services can include:

  • Finding themes and styles

  • Scouting decorations

  • Finding location, suppliers and entertainment

  • Putting together promotional campaigns (with the help of partners)

  • Budget management (and funding tips)

  • Coordinating the event

You can also opt for our assistance for just parts of your event.


Because our services are diverse and comprise many different kinds of events, there is really no fixed price point. Based on your wishes and ideas, we will come up with a custom offer and terms.

Of course, an event doesn’t have to be expensive to be a success. We can make smaller budgets work, too.