1520 Hotels

About 1520 Hotels

1520 Hotels are small hotels that offer quality accommodation for modern, urban consumers with millennial mind-sets in an intimate setting. By combining traditional service levels with timeless designs and modern technology, 1520 Hotels create a cross-cultural environment with warm and perpetual cool ambiance. The hotels (along with other 1520 services) become an ecosystem for the target customers and transcend demographic boundaries, as well as the boundaries of leisure and business travel.

A 1520 hotel is as much about red carpets and comfy pillows, as it is about Hip Hop and other youth cultures - inspired by mountain lodges, ‘la grande hôtellerie’, coffee shops and urban culture. It is modern but not cold or minimalist – and not at all daunting. It is timeless and perpetually cool. It is a place where an older lady serves you breakfast and a hard-to-place young man cooks your dinner. It is in touch with the world around it and works in cities, as well as popular country-side destinations.

We are currently looking for possible locations, investors and partners. Please feel free to contact us!