1520 Matrimony

What We Do

With 1520 Matrimony we help you to make your wedding extra special and uniquely suited to who you are - whether you want an all out fairy tale ball, an intimate garden party, a vintage fair, a goth fest, a masquerade ball, a LAN party, or something in between, or something totally different - you get the picture.

Planning a wedding involves making lots of decisions and taking care of many little things. With our help, you have more time to focus on all of the nice things that come with it - like cake tastings - while we handle the details. We coordinate everything to make your wedding exactly like you want it to be, from the months prior to the wedding until the big day itself.

After getting to know each other in a first meeting, we set up a meeting to get down to the nitty-gritty and develop a wedding concept together, which will be a blueprint for the planning. Following that, we will stand by you and assist you with your budget, invitations, finding a location, selecting a caterer, picking flowers and decorations, entertainment, and more.

1520 Matrimony offers full wedding planning, but you can also opt for our assistance for just parts of your wedding.

Our services include:

  • Creating and implementing a wedding theme and design

  • Finding a suitable wedding and party location

  • Finding suppliers

  • Budget management

  • Coordinating on the day of the wedding


Because no two weddings are alike, we develop custom offers for our services (which exclude all costs for the wedding itself, such as location and food)  based on your wishes. Keep in mind that a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be awesome. We can make smaller budgets work, too.