Hey everybody,

In our blog post about our 10 favorite video games of 2015, we had a little iOS game called Alto's Adventure at #10. We had this to say about it:

Alto’s Adventure is a very simplistic, very stylish snowboarding game for iOS that somehow still manages to capture the unique feeling that snowboarding can give you. Also, it’s probably the only good endless-runner ever made.

As if that isn't good enough, we recently discovered that the game received a huge update. The game now has a new mode, called Zen Mode, which removes all the fail states, enemies and objectives. It's just the endless mountain, the beautiful instrumental music and you. It's really cool and, well, zen as fuck.

One Love,

M | 1520

P.S In case your forgot how the game looks, here is the original trailer (no zen mode in this trailer though):