1520 Consulting

What We Do

1520 Consulting involves concept development, marketing, the development of strategies and finding of solutions for individual problems and event management. While our event management activities are aimed at individuals, private and public organisations, and even municipalities, our other consulting activities are primarily aimed at businesses or individuals looking to start one.


The focus on millennial consumers lies at the core of 1520. We use the term “millennials” in a psychographic sense, meaning that we focus on a state of mind rather than an age group. Although the majority of what we call millennials were born in the 80’s and 90’s, the mindset that defines them has spread far beyond that particular generation. Millennials are also the most important tastemakers, which makes them a gateway target group.

We help you and your company understand, reach and retain millennials, as customers and as employees.

Millennials can not be reached with homogeneous, inauthentic messaging or by using style cues. To reach them, you have to know their language and understand their mindset. Authenticity, aspiration and a sense for perpetual cool lie at the heart of the millennial mindset and are therefore the foundation on which a company must build. This means that the frantic modernization of a company is usually not necessary and often counterproductive. Individual companies need individual solutions.

We help you find the right touch points and show you how to utilize them in order to make your company more attractive to millennials.

Concept Development

We develop complete or partial concepts, primarily for companies and project developers in the hospitality industry and related industries. This takes many forms and may include tasks such as helping you plan your offer and positioning, finding your style or coming up with a business concept from scratch. We like to partner with others - graphic designers, architects, photographers, etc. -  to cover our bases and achieve the best possible results.


We plan events for individuals, private and public organisations, and even municipalities. As consultants and coordinators, we help you to put together great events that are worth repeating.

Whether you are planning a staff party, a summer festival, a birthday, a christmas party or a wedding, and whether it is a big or very small event, we assist you with finding a style, selecting suppliers and entertainment, and putting together the marketing. Our goal is to put together an event uniquely suited to what you want - whether you want an all out fairy tale ball, an intimate garden party, a vintage fair, a goth fest, a masquerade ball, a LAN party, or something in between, or something totally different - you get the picture.

We work independently or together with your existing event committee or department.

Small event budget? Don't worry, we can make it work.