1520 Veggilicious

What We Do

With 1520 Veggilicious, we advise restaurants on the adoption and integration of vegetarian (and vegan) options into their existing offer.

We help you to create vegetarian dishes that fit your concept and menu (that means no hassle and no extra costs), and provide you with useful tips that enable you to develop veggie options by yourself in the future.

Why vegetarian?

The number of vegetarians is higher than you think - NL: 800.000 (4,7%), DE: 7.800.000 (10%), UK: 7.741.320 (12%) - and growing. Because vegetarians are a growing target group themselves, there is an increasing chance that groups of potential customers, such as families and friends, have vegetarian members that influence the demand of those groups. Not offering attractive vegetarian options at your restaurant therefore is becoming an exclusion criterion for more and more customers.

How does it work?

We evaluate your existing menu and processes (sometimes in an on-site visit if not too far away) and based on that provide you with recipes and guidelines for your own vegetarian offer.

If you change your menu regularly and don’t want to wrack your brain over those veggies, we are also happy to help you with seasonal adaptations in the future, for reduced prices. Depending on the situation and your wishes, we can often help and improve a menu with just a few tips and tweaks.