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We use cookies and similar technologies to run this website, and help us understand how many people use it, the region of the world they use it from, and how they use it.

Certain cookies are used to generate a list of every time a visitor accessed a URL on our website in the past seven days. Each page visit is its own entry with the following information: date, time, IP address, refferer, browser version, operating system. This information helps us to gain insight into the geographical location of our visitors and how they found our site. Every individual page visit entry and the data associated with it is automatically deleted after seven days.

The cookies will not be activated until you aknowledge our banner.

Our website is hosted by Squarespace (see 'Third Parties' for more information). For detailed information regarding the cookies that can be used by Squarespace websites, click here.

Contact Information And Correspondence

We save your name, your e-mail address and phone number (if provided), in case we need to contact you, and e-mail correspondence (if occurred), for future reference (if needed).

We save your business or home adress address for business relevant, non-marketing activities such as invoicing and accounting, and in case we need to contact you via mail.

We do not use your stored contact data for marketing activities (such as newsletters, which we currently do not offer) unless you gave us active permission to do so. You can revoke your permission at any time.

Your information might be stored phyiscally (e.g. in the form of invoices, in our physical invoice folder) as well as digitally (both offline on relevant devices, as well as in the cloud). See 'Third Parties' for more information on our cloud storage solutions.

The storage period can vary depending on the nature of our business relationship with you, but we aim for a proportionate storage period that is as short as possible. Meanwhile, we keep your information up-do-date.

If you want us to delete or modify any of the above mentioned information, simply contact us. In some cases, we might be legally required to keep some information (e.g. for tax purposes). 

Third Parties

Our website is hosted by Squarespace, a reputable provider of website building and hosting.

We use Dropbox, a reputable cloud storage provider, to store documents that might contain your personal information (e.g. invoices). 

We use Google's G Suite for business. Specifically, we use Gmail for business to ensure secure and private e-mail correspondence.

Our accounting is done externally, by a reputable, local accountant.

According to information provided by the above mention third parties, they all comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Who is this "we", you might wonder? We at 1520 are the founders and owners, Marius Zürcher and Maike Nuyken.



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