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In 'Podcast Recommendations Vol. 1' I've explained what podcasts are and recommended some Hip Hop and music podcasts. This time I recommend podcasts about video games and pop culture as well as podcasts focused on interviewing a wide range of people.

Video Game Podcasts

Giant Bombcast: the Giant Bombcast is the flagship podcast of Giant Bomb (www.giantbomb.com), a San Francisco based, personality driven video games website spearheaded by industry veteran Jeff Gerstmann, a video game journalist famous for refusing to sell out. The weekly podcast, usually hosted by Jeff Gerstmann, Brad Shoemaker, Drew Scanlon and Dan Ryckert, is often several hours long and mostly deals with current games and gaming news, though they frequently talk about old games or go off-topic completely. Since this is a weekly podcast concerned with current releases, it's hard to recommend a single episode, but their multi-episode game of the year deliberations are always worth going back to. 

Giant Beastcast: another Giant Bomb podcast. This New York City based podcast is still fairly new and is hosted by former Bombcast co-host Vinny Caravella as well as Alex Navarro, Austin Walker and CNET's Jeff Bakalar. The Beastcast is similar to the Bombcast, but it's not just a repetition of the topics covered on the Bombcast (which releases its episodes three days before the Beastcast). Usually the Beastcast focuses a little less on current video games and more on the topics and trends currently affecting the video games industry, which makes it a great addition to the Bombcast. They are currently only 19 episodes in, so you might as well try to start at the beginning.

Idle Thumbs: a San Francisco based podcast, currently (we miss you, Danielle Riendeau) hosted by industry insiders Chris Remo, Nick Breckon, Jake Rodkin and James Spafford. They usually talk about current video games, often leaning more towards indie games. What makes this podcast so refreshing to listen to is that it is hosted by developers (or people working for developers) instead of journalists, which greatly affects the way the games are being described. Since this is a weekly podcast concerned with current releases, it's hard to recommend a specific episode, so you should just listen to the most current episode.

Honorable Mentions: Radio Free Nintendo, Rebel FM, Isometric, 8-4 Play, Player One Podcast, IGN Game Scoop.

Pop Culture Podcasts

These Things Matter: a Denver based podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Kevin O’Brien and Taylor Gonda. They talk to guests from all walks of life about all things pop culture, always one topic per episode and person. They approach the individual topics in an autobiographical way, which is what makes this podcast so awesome. I recommend you just look at the podcast feed and start with a topic that is close to your heart.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Pop Culture Happy Hour, hosted by Linda Holmes, is NPR's pop culture podcast. The host and her guests talk about current pop culture releases and happenings. It's always interesting and upbeat. Since this is a weekly podcast dealing with current events, I suggest you simply check out the newest episode.

Full Frontal: Full Frontal is a podcast hosted by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat from the band All Time Low. The podcast more or less follows a more traditional radio format, which is a good thing in this case. The show isn't really about anything, but it is also kind of about everything. Give it a shot because they will most likely make you laugh a lot.

Honorable Mentions: Get Up On This, Ice-T: Final Level

Interview Podcasts

About Last Night: About Last Night is a L.A. based, weekly podcast hosted by comedians Brad Williams and Adam Ray. An episode usually consist of them interviewing another comedian, writer or actor. I haven't heard an episode that wasn't hilarious. If I had to pick one episode for you to start with, I'd recommend you check out their first Dane Cook episode.

Here's The Thing With Alec Baldwin: Here's The Things With Alec Baldwin is a New York City based radio show and podcast from WNYC. As you might have guessed, it is hosted by actor, writer and activist Alec Baldwin. An episode of this show usually consists of Alec Baldwin interviewing another famous person. There are two things that make this show so special. One thing is the incredibly diverse guest list, ranging from Paul Simon and Michael Douglas to Chris Rock and Kris Kardashian Jenner. The other thing is simply the fact that Alec Baldwin is an amazing interviewer. I recommend you just look at the podcast feed and start with a guest that is close to your heart. I personally remember really enjoying the Lena Dunham episode.

Alias Smith And LeRoi: Alias Smith and LeRoi is hosted by comedian, writer and producer Ali LeRoi and comedian and actor Owen Smith. They show is about the hosts interviewing artists and entertainers of color. The show is always very insightful and interesting and often funny. I recommend you just look at the podcast feed and start with a guest that interests you. I personally remember enjoying the Tamala Jones episode.

Honorable Mentions: By The Way - In Conversation With Jeff Garlin, WTF With Marc Maron, Fresh Air, Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, The Joe Rogan Experience (Thanks, Jenni), You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes.

That's it for podcast recommendations. Maybe I'll give you an update sometime, but for now this topic is covered. I hope you'll enjoy my recommendations.

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