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Hey everybody, 

If you're reading this you might already be aware of it, but I've decided to write this blog post to let the world know about the changes 1520 has been undergoing during the last few days - Q&A style.

Whoa, a new website?

Yes! Well, sort of. The basics are still the same, but I made a lot of tweaks - both visible and behind the scenes - to make everything look, uh, fresher. We liked our old site a lot at the time, but it started to look a little dusty. We hope you like the new one.

Some of the aesthetic changes have also carried over to our social media accounts. More on those later.

Where did your slogan go?

Authentically Cool? To be honest, that used to be a placeholder that only became our de facto slogan because we didn't spend the time and energy to come up with a better one. Until now. May I present to you: "Keys Open Doors".

The hip hop fans among you might recognise it from a song by the legendary duo The Clipse. Much like our name, we chose it because even though it makes sense in a business context and doesn't alienate anyone that doesn't know its origin, it fully represents the culture we love.

What happened to 1520 Matrimony and 1520 Events?!

Let's be honest: 1520's structure was bloated. Although it came from a good place, it hindered us more than it helped us, so we decided to start cutting. Does that mean the party (get it?) is over? Don't worry. Our event management activities (which include wedding planning) haven't disappeared, they have simply been integrated into 1520 Consulting. The logo will be adapted to reflect the changes at some point in the near future.

What's left then?

From now on, instead of under four, 1520 operates under two banners: 1520 Consulting focuses on marketing, events, concepts and strategies while 1520 Veggilicious offers a specialized service that advises restaurants on the adoption and integration of vegetarian and vegan options into their existing offer. 

Simple and clean, the way it's supposed to be.

So, what about those social media channels?

Social media, as important as it is, can be a headache for a lot of companies. After all, why on earth would a regular person want to follow them, or, well, us? Honestly, we're still trying to figure that out ourselves. For now, these are the changes we have made or are currently in the process of making:

  • Our (grossly neglected) Tumblr has been put on hold.
  • Our Instagram content will become less rigid. Honestly, we're not sure if Instagram makes sense for us at all at the moment, but we'll give it some more time.
  • Facebook and Twitter will remain largely the same, though the general changes we made to 1520 will of course alter the content somewhat. We're also planning to get back to posting more regularly, but you know how it is.

And the blog?

Oh boy, don't ask. We'll do better someday, I promise. We have some ideas.

So, any more changes we need to know about?

That's it. Thanks for riding with us.

One Love,

M | 1520