| "I'm not your regular Joe, I'll be your coffee in the morning" |

Like most of you, I need coffee to function. However, I at some point realized that I tend to drink way too much of the stuff, without actually appreciating or really even enjoying it anymore. It took me some time, and some serious words from my doctor, to realize this, but once I did, I started looking for alternatives. I ended up with a small French press. Although not the perfect way to make coffee (that would probably be a ceramic coffee filter, but that once again would just lead me to drinking too much), it still leads to a better end product than most other methods. That is not the only reason I picked it though. I chose it because a French press, in my opinion, is uniquely suited to make you appreciate good coffee again (provided you use good coffee beans, but that's another story), because it turns making coffee into a satisfying, almost meditative process, and you end up with a small amount of great coffee, rather than a never ending stream of bad coffee. I've been doing this for two months now, and I managed to reduce my coffee consumption from countless cups of bad (and way too often burned and/or cold) coffee into three cups of great coffee a day. It's fucking great.

I'm telling you this because the lessons learned here apply to more than just hot beverages. In the age of information overload and FOMO, many of us occasionally feel overwhelmed (#AnalysisParalysis) and/or trapped in a vicious circle. I think that one of the best ways to change that is to reduce. "Less is more", "quality over quantity" - whatever you want to call it. It works with news, movies, music, traveling, and yes, coffee. Give it a try.

One Love,

Marius | 1520